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Dr. Ben Dorrat Chiropractor
Rose Quach  Super Star

Dr. Ben Dorrat

I love to help people who are struggling to regain their health... those people who desperately want to be healthier and are sick of the limitations and restrictions that their (insert your symptoms and conditions here) are putting on their lives.

But what I really excel at is showing people how to take their health and their lives to whole new levels... so not just digging them out of the current ‘hole’ that they're in, but to help them achieve a level of health, vibrancy, fitness and energy that most never thought was possible.

This passion comes from my own inner drive to be as healthy as I possibly can be... to live the longest, healthiest, fullest life I can.

To be more specific I’m determined to live to a 107... and not just be alive, but be vibrant and active right to the end... out surfing, cycling, exploring this incredible world we live in... with nothing holding me back from doing anything and everything I want to do.

I’m constantly studying, learning and refining my strategies to help me fulfill the requirements I have to be healthy. And after using my own life and body as a guinea pig I love to share what works with everyone else. Thats exactly how I came across Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation.

Quantum Neurology is the new kid on the block when it comes to chiropractic techniques. I experienced it first as a patient and was blown away with the changes in my own body (and I considered myself to be pretty healthy at the time). Now, what I like the most about Quantum Neurology is that is very specific and very gentle. I’ve been involved in the industry for a long time - 20 years now. (I feel old just typing that!) and I have found it to be the most effective and efficient approach to chiropractic I have ever used.

Rose Quach