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Serving our Veterans

DVA Approved

Understanding Veterans

Collateral Damage 

Dr Ben Dorrat trained as a chiropractor 20 years ago. After seeing the remarkable improvements in a number of retired service men and women who had suffered for years with old injuries and chronic pain, has made it his purpose to expose as many veterans as possible to the benefits of Quantum Neurology - Nervous System Rehabilitation and help them get their lives back.

We are registered as DVA service providers and DVA Health Cards (Gold and White) are accepted as payment with appropriate referral.

Working with Veterans, we know it's not just the pain that is the problem. It’s also about what your pain is preventing you from doing. It could be being able to work, maintain healthy relationships, go for a run or even getting a good nights sleep.

Our goal is to help Veterans resolve their health problems and re-establish a body that is pain free, mobile and bursting with energy, so they can be excited and optimistic about the future.

If I asked you how important the brain and nervous system was to your health and life, what would you say?

After 20 years in clinical practice, what I’ve noticed is that while it may be problems like back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches  postural problems and digestive issues that bring people in the door, these problems tend to be secondary to a handful of primary problems.  

In many ways they could be considered the collateral damage caused by something else.

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