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Healthy Families


No doubt a close friend or family member has shared this link with you.  Most likely because they have recently had a great experience with us and want you to have the same. 

Everything we do at Living Balance begins with the assumption that you are designed to be healthy. That assumption is true for all stages of life. It doesn’t matter if you are newborn, a child, adolescent, adult or a senior, having a body that is full of vitality and bursting with energy is what we would consider normal.

Don’t fall for the false notion that no symptoms means healthy. Symptoms, for the most part, are the final stages of malfunction, not the first. Using the lack of symptoms as criteria for judging your family’s health is like using the lack of debt as evidence for wealth or the lack of poor grades for the presence of brilliance.

The health of the spine and nervous system is so vital to the health of your whole body, and just because there is no pain, doesn’t mean that everything is working optimally.

So as a valued member of our community, we wanted to make its easy as possible for everyone in your family to know where they stand.

We have created a ‘healthy family’ appointment where your close friends and family can receive a full assessment FREE OF CHARGE.

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